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Seven years spent with a German group have brought me rigor and organization to commercial development. My last experience as an "International Key Account Manager" in a highly competitive environment has helped me to manage strategic customer relationships and internal team management. As an international team, I managed business, negotiated with senior management and signed a large sustainable contract. All of my experiences have allowed me to step back, practice sales methods and build an ability to build partnerships. At ease technically, I appreciate and know how to adapt my exchanges in front of any type of contacts.

In order to improve my skills, I obtained a master's degree in management in July 2016. This training, dedicated to management science and management skills, really allowed me to gather new knowledge. I am now ready to take on new challenges to accompany your business development..

Expérience professionnelle

Internatinal key account manager


De Juillet 2012 à Aujourd'hui

• Responsabilité des relations avec les constructeurs automobiles EMEA (RN, PSA, FCA)
• Participation au développement et études de marché des futures besoins
• Gérer les interfaces avec les équipes : service client, R&D, marketing, production, et les autres régions Japon, Brésil, US, Asie
• Créer et maintenir des partenariats avec les hauts dirigeants des grands comptes

Parcours officiels

IEMN-IAE – Master 1 – Management Double Compétence – 2016 – Master 1 Double Compétence FC 2ème année
IEMN-IAE – Master 1 – Management Double Compétence – 2015 – Master 1 Double Compétence FC 1ère année


Anglais - Courant

Arabe - Notion

Espagnol - Technique

Italien - Notion